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Seeking Inspiring Drama Teachers

RM Drama is on the lookout for inspiring drama teachers for LAMDA tuition.

Based in Harrow, RMD has been working with local students for the last 15 years, building confidence in public performance and fostering a love of literature and the broader arts.

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LAMDA in Harrow and London

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Qualities Sought After:

  • Experience in teaching Drama, English and Public Speaking

  • Reliable and diligent work ethic

  • Passion for drama, literature and the arts

  • Dedication to your pupils’ development

  • Attention to detail both towards the LAMDA syllabus and updating student records.

If you seek the flexibility of choosing your own working hours together with the ease of teaching from home or in local schools, then do get in touch today. 

You can choose your own hours and work from home if Harrow based, or from a local hall/community centre. Classes can be held weekday evenings and weekends, and you can tailor your classes to suit your lifestyle. There are also opportunities to run classes in schools, during the weekday. We will provide you with all necessary resources and lesson plans.

Apply today

Complete our application form here:

Or email us for further details

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