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Our LAMDA Classes

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As the largest LAMDA centre worldwide, and now over 20 years old, RM Drama is proud to be a thriving school specialising in preparation for LAMDA exams. Our private classes are tailored to improve individual skills in performance and public speaking. From building confidence to strengthening communication skills and nurturing creativity, our classes coach key life skills. Taking place in the evening and weekends across London, they perfectly complement your child's school curriculum. We offer 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 coaching to always ensure a tailored approach to your child's development, whilst also allowing for some flexibility in class size options for parents to choose from. 


With more than 20 schools working with RM Drama, we are the leading provider of LAMDA in the UK. Offering in-school classes, group workshops or performance training, we can help your students stand out from the crowd.

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Technology now allows us to remotely teach LAMDA as a Distance Learning course. If you prefer online classes, or are not based in the UK but are looking to develop your English language vocabulary and improve your elocution, get in touch with us today.

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“LAMDA classes have proven to be extremely popular with pupils and parents alike. LAMDA is an engaging extra-curricular subject; where pupils build confidence, foster a love of literature and hone their public speaking and performance skills.”

Buckingham Prep School


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