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Half term approaching

In the blink of an eye, we're now already at the half way point of this Autumn term!

It's been a busy term, and got off to a fantastic start with the arrival of our summer LAMDA exams,

  • A total of 656 students completed exams

  • 2.7% achieved Passes

  • 24.8% achieved Merits

  • 72% achieved Distinctions

Over at QE boys Gavin and the talented and tenacious cast put on a truly spectacular production of A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Covid may have caused postponements but it was truly worth the wait.

We were delighted to welcome more pupils this academic year than ever before with 813 pupils joining us and preparing hard for exciting upcoming projects.

We have;

  • The Winter LAMDA exams taking place in January for our Year 3+ pupils

  • The Winter Showcase taking place in February ,for all ages

  • The Watford Festival of Speech and Drama taking place in March, for all ages

  • And another QE performance approaching, this time with Benny and her brilliant duologue team

We wish you a lovely half term holiday - our classes will stop from Monday 25th - Sunday 31st October. We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful pupils again, after the half term break!

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