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Half Term Ahead


We hope your children have a lovely half term ahead! Just a quick note on holiday homework/a guide to preparing for the mock exams after the half term break. 

Upcoming LAMDA Exams: 

We should receive the final exam timetable from LAMDA shortly after the half term, and will get a confirmation email across to you, if your child is booked for a summer exam. I've copied a quick guideline below on the work to ideally cover over half term as we'll be straight into mock exam lessons on our return. If you'd like a copy of your child's exam criteria sent across to you, please just let me know. 

Half Term LAMDA workshops:

And finally just a reminder that Maria is running half day and full day LAMDA workshops over the half term - great to give students that extra boost as we approach the exam. Do check with @Maria Allman for last minute availability and any details. 

Thank you, 


Half Term Homework/Guideline

Introductory (Reception -Year 2): Students should now confidently know their exam poem by heart and need to type up a neat copy to give to the examiner on the day. They should also have prepared their toy (stage 1), picture (stage 2) or  book (stage 3) to bring into class for their mock exam lessons after the half term break. 

Acting/Shakespeare: Students should now confidently know their exam pieces off by heart and revise the staging they have worked on in class. Keep working on developing their characters with lots of facial and vocal expression, and remember to build in lots of pauses to show the changes in thought and new ideas as the character has them. Theory should be revised (see exam criteria for theory questions)

Reading for Performance: Students should now confidently know their intro/link/conclusion off by heart. A quick reminder not to learn the poems/book extracts -but do practise them so they can read them confidently with lots of eye contact and facial/vocal expression. They need to read their pieces from a booklet/folder. We recommend A5 size for this to handle the folder more easily in the performance, and decorating the folder with pictures of their theme is a nice 'presentational' touch. Theory should be revised (see exam criteria for theory questions)

Public Speaking: Students should now confidently have learnt their speeches - although they are allowed cue cards with key words to help prompt their memory. Please work on performing speeches nice and slowly with lots of facial and vocal expression to give it a nice fresh spontaneous feel. They should have made their posters/visual aids. If they've not done this yet, please can they do so over half term. We recommend a large enough poster board so it can be easily seen by the examiner, with images from their speech which they can refer to during the speech. Avoid too much text on the poster - but the title, for example, is fine. If they can please bring their posters in for the final mock exam lessons. Theory should be revised (see exam criteria for theory questions)

Any questions, or if you'd like the exam criteria sent across, please just let me know, 

Meanwhile wishing you a lovely half term, and we look forward to an exciting exam season ahead! 

Best wishes

Jo and the RM Drama team

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