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The Play's the Thing...

We've had a busy week over at QE boys, where rehearsals for Hamlet are in full swing!

Secure year bubbles have enabled us to still put on the annual Shakespeare production, which will be part of the Shakespeare School's Festival, 2020. And for the first time, the production will be screened via a live video feed on the evening of the 20th November.

Our lovely director, Gavin Molloy says he's 'lucky to have such a keen cast from Year 9 with a mature and 'can do' attitude. They perform well together, working as an ensemble. I am very excited for what is to come'.

Mr Bonham-Carter, QE's Assistant Head commented 'The show goes on in Year 9, where boys are tackling Hamlet. Together with schools all across the country, QE will release a filmed production of Shakespeare's greatest tragedy'.

This week the cast have participated in a workshop with SSF and had great fun developing the show.

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