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Christmas Holidays approaching

A quick message as the Christmas holidays are rapidly upon us

A reminder that our classes finish for the Christmas break on Sunday 17th December.

Classes will resume for the Spring term on Monday 8th January.

Just two quick reminders:

January LAMDA exams

If your child is booked in for the January LAMDA exams (yr 3+), I've sent the provisional timetable earlier this term - and I'll be sending the final exam timetable across in the first few weeks of January, so do look out for that. If you'd like your child's exam criteria re-sent, do just let me know. Meanwhile I've copied a quick homework guide below. 

February Showcase

And a reminder that children of all ages can take part in the Winter Showcase, taking place on Saturday 3rd February, 2-5pm at Orley Farm School. You can sign your child up here: Booking link:

Upcoming LAMDA exam: Christmas Homework Guide

  • Verse and Prose students: Fully memorise lines, and write up notes on your planned answers for your theory questions

  • Acting/Shakespeare students: Fully memorise lines, revise staging decisions and check through your theory questions

  • Reading for Performance students: Learn your finished intro/link/conclusion and practise reading your books/poems with your planned staging. Type your exam pieces up and put them inside a booklet/folder. We recommend A5 size to hold the folder more easily in the performance, and you can choose to decorate your folder with pictures of your theme, if you like. Do also go through your theory questions. 

  • Public Speaking students - learn your finished speeches (you are allowed cue cards with some brief notes to help aid your memory). You should also make your posters/visual aids. These should be large enough for the examiner to easily see them, and should be able to stand supported on a chair whilst you perform your speech. Avoid too much text on your visual aids - keep them mostly images that relate to the content of your speech. Finally, do also go through your theory questions. 

When we return in January we'll be straight into mock exams so if the children can take some time to revise and be ready for that first lesson back, that'd be great.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas break and a Happy New Year, 

Jo and the RM Drama team

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