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Congratulations! Incredible work on the Summer LAMDA Exams

A little later than usual, we are very proud to finally celebrate the FANTASTIC LAMDA results from our June - July sitting.

Of course this year has been an incredibly unusual one. There were plenty of hurdles to overcome back in the summer whilst everyone adapted to lockdown life. We were very proud of how well all of our students adapted to online classes - from younger pupils managing to respond to their teacher remotely and conquer the new technology (far quicker than perhaps we ourselves did...!), to older pupils having to dig deep and find the personal motivation to complete all of their work in a much less structured, and often quite frenetic environment.

We expect university-level students to cope with self-study and having the discipline to implement their own daily structure. Suddenly, our teenagers and indeed even younger children had this responsibility foisted upon them. They needed to keep on top of their many different projects in a very uncertain time - whilst oftentimes parents were also trying to work from home and juggle numerous responsibilities. The fact that despite all the world threw at them, our pupils walked into those exam rooms back in June and July with a big, perhaps slightly nervous, smile on their face, ready to complete their LAMDA exam with the same style and grace they always have, we find endlessly impressive. 🥰

All of that to say, we are always so proud of our pupils - but perhaps never more so than today, where we announce across the school our students achieved an incredible 30 Passes, 173 Merits & 448 Distinctions.

A huge well done to every pupil. You're incredible. You can do Anything.

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