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Professional Development Coaching

RM Drama offers tailored professional coaching for adults. We create bespoke programmes, to cater for your specific needs, but an example of the work we can do is as follows:


Presentation Skills

  • Understanding body language and posture when presenting

  • Vocal exercises to strengthen and develop your vocal range

  • Learning to support the voice with appropriate breathing techniques for greater control and impact

  • Breathing techniques, physical exercises and mental tricks to handle nerves and deal with pressure

  • Gain confidence and experience in impromptu scenarios, learning to ‘think on your feet’ under pressure, with rhetorical devices and simple methods to structure your thoughts

  • We can also look at how to create speeches and formulate your ideas in a cohesive, concise manner. 


Confidence Building

Through a series of bespoke exercises in breathing, physical and vocal work and application of both drama teaching and presentational development we can help to boost your confidence in both your personal and professional life


Communication Skills

  • Interview techniques, including developing clear, thoughtful answers and engaging in formal discussions in a calm and confident manner. 

  • Coaching on eye contact, body language, gesture and a personalised analysis to understand what signals you are transmitting and how you may wish to adjust or hone this. 

  • Exercises in developing the voice to understand resonance, projection, clarity and modulation, in order to command respect and achieve greater control in how you present yourself

  • Exercises in developing body language and posture


Adult Acting Courses

Enjoy drama at school but find yourself lacking a creative outlet in adult life? Want to develop acting skills either for fun or for drama school auditions? We can provide adult acting courses and audition training. 

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